KimInBkk Is a Small company in Bangkok, founder Kim Anderson was born in Thailand raised in Sweden. KimInBkk has been a real estate company since 2013. Kim has been working close with several Real Estate companies around Bangkok and Hua hin.

We are a network of agents from all over Bangkok. Together we can work faster and bigger. Every agent has en enormous knowledge in real estate Bangkok, together we will become stronger. Everyone counts! We can find the most hidden treasures in Bangkok.
Our way to work is very efficient and reliable. We have developed a very unique way to work both with sellers and buyers, which makes deals faster and total satisfaction on both sides.
We Speak English Thai and Swedish


Private residences                      Business property
* Apartment                                    * Stores
* Condominium                             * Mall spaces
* Service Apartments                   * Shop houses
* Houses                                          * Office Spaces
* Town houses                               * Buildings
*Land                                               * Warehouses

Relocating? We have tremendous knowledge in what Bangkok can offer you and your family such as safe areas, school areas, school types, Hospitals, Sports Centers, Mother and Child events, Markets, Shopping trends, Personal needs and many many more..

We will help you to plan your investment strategy.

Property Investments and Consulting for expats and Thai