Beverly Tower Condo (เบเวอรี่ ทาวเวอร์ คอนโด)

Beverly Tower Penthouse is for sale. The architecture is timeless and very clean. This unit is for people with style and sense of design. With a small brush up or  renovation, this unit has no limits. Needles to say, the view from the amazing terrace is immeasurable where you will spend hours watching Mother Natures arts in the sky. The architect really put his heart in this penthouse, a masterpiece.

Construction of Beverly Tower Condo was completed in 1992. Condominium comprises of a single building, having 16 floors and includes 60 units.


Approximately 400 Sq m

3 Bedrooms

4 Bathrooms

Please contact us for information, pictures and viewing

Asking price 27.000.000 Thb